Orange County Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Orange-County-Newport-Beach-Rhinoplasty-EthnicWhile the media often focus on celebrities who have had a nose job in Hollywood, there's another trend that isn't getting nearly as much attention: rhinoplasty procedures that retain an individual's ethnic traits. According to Dr. Kevin Sadati, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California, many patients are placing a higher priority on results that retain their key ethnic characteristics.

"With ethnic surgeries, it's particularly important to work with the patient's natural beauty instead of against it, otherwise the results can look very contrived", explains Dr. Sadati. "What looks appropriate on a Middle Eastern face may look much less natural for someone with African American or Asian features. Patients are seeking out rhinoplasty surgeons in California who can avoid those kinds of pitfalls."

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean noses usually have specific nasal characteristics, and tend to have a combination of nasal-specific components such as thick skin with excess fatty tissue, a high dorsum with long nose, droopy tip, strong bony nasal humps, imbalanced nostril tip and wide bones. Most ethnic patients seeking rhinoplasty want to improve rather than drastically change their features. Middle Eastern/Mediterranean rhinoplasty has been on the rise over the past several years as people respond to shifting standards of beauty.  Rhinoplasty can reduce the size of the nose and elevate and define the nasal tip, while still creating a change which fits their face well. Rhinoplasty is not only popular among this demographic within the United States but also abroad, and many travel to the U.S. for surgery. Changing global ideas of beauty have made rhinoplasty the number one facial plastic surgery performed today in Iran, Kuwait, and Egypt. What is of further interest is that more plastic surgery was performed in Iran than anywhere else in the world.


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