Orange County Rhinoplasty Recovery

Orange-County-Newport-Beach-Rhinoplasty-RecoveryA nose job presents a major trauma to your facial tissue. While the end results will be a more beautiful nose and a happier you, patience is key to a full recovery. Following your procedure, you will be expected to follow several post-op instructions. Upon returning home, it is vital that you regularly take the prescribed medication which may include antibiotics, steroids and pain management. While it is safe to resume light daily activities, strenuous activity should be avoided for a week to ten days. Patients are also advised to remain in bed with the head elevated for the first 24 hours. During recovery, you will probably experience a dull pain and discomfort around the nose and head, all which can be managed with prescribed medication.

Following the procedure in Newport Beach, moderate amounts of bruising and swelling are to be expected and managed with cold compresses. Slight bleeding and spotting from the nose is normal, and no cause for alarm. Of course, contact you doctor if the bleeding persists or becomes worse. As much as you may need to, do not blow your nose in the weeks following the procedure. Some other post-operative instructions that are important to follow are not bending over with the head below the heart or lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds. A splint placed over the nose to protect it can be safely removed after seven days. There are two external sutures that are dissolvable and need not to be removed. If there are internal splints after septoplasty, they will be removed after four days and bruising around the eyes usually subsides by tenth day. Usual swelling and bruising associated with rhinoplasty will subside after about 10 days. Any remaining swelling will completely subside in three months time.

Orange County Patients with light duty activity, such as working in an office, can return to work about a week after the nose job. Of course, not following the post-op instructions will prolong the recovery. Light sport and exercise activities like running are recommended after three weeks. Patients should avoid any contact sport that might injure the nose for about two months. Contact lenses can be worn without restrictions. However, patients who wear eyeglasses must tape them to their forehead to avoid dentations in the soft tissue. Airline travel is safe after a few weeks, as many of Dr. Sadati’s patients travel from other states to his exclusive Orange County facility. To see real results of what a rhinoplasty surgery could do for you, please visit our rhinoplasty gallery page. Feel free to contact us for a consultation to see what Dr. Kevin Sadati can do for you.




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