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Orange County Reduction Rhinoplasty

rhino26A large nose that is not in proportionate with the rest of facial features will detract any observer’s attention away from other more attractive aspects of that individual’s face like the cheeks and the eyes. Therefore, a well performed rhinoplasty ought to present a nose that is in harmony and balance with the rest of the face. A nose with a droopy tip or large and bulbous tip is termed and “over projected nasal tip’. Frequently, a large nose is also associated with several problematic components such as wide nasal bones, dorsal hump or nasal bump, and widened nasal tip. All of these issues can be fixed during an open rhinoplasty to create an aesthetically pleasing nose.

There have been many books and articles written about the proper angles and nasal projection calculation to create and aesthetically pleasing nose. An experience rhinoplasty surgeon first would listen to the patient’s needs and concerns, before making calculation of what the projection angle of the nose should be. The patient’s aesthetic goals remain paramount to have a successful rhinoplasty surgery. Many individuals, who are considering rhinoplasty, are self consciousness about it and want to resolve the conflict between self image and actual appearance. A compassionate rhinoplasty surgeon will always consider these patient’s concerns and try to have overall well-being of the patient as his top priority. An expert and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in Orange County will educate his patients about the goals of rhinoplasty and also try to come up with a plan that meets patient’s expectation as well. There are individual that are frustrated with their large nose since their childhood and now want the smallest nose possible. A good advice to these patients would be a nose proportionate to the rest of their face with a natural and pleasing appearance. Even though it may be less headache for the surgeon to “do what the patient wants”, an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will give an honest and frank opinion about and individuals nose and what is best for that patient.


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