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Give The Gift Of Beauty

Has your friend or family member often remarked on their tired eyes, crows feet, crooked nose or sagging neck?  If so, what better gift than the gift of youth?  Our perception of ourselves is directly proportionate to our level of happiness and satisfaction with our lives.  Giving the opportunity for a renewed outlook on life is priceless, and will be remembered long after the holiday season has passed.

Though gifting plastic surgery may seem unconventional, it can be the perfect present for those who have hoped for a refreshed and more youthful look.  Cosmetic surgery includes surgical procedures and injectables, both of which may be exactly what the one you love is hoping to receive.

If you are looking to gift a loved one a new or rejuvenated look, be sure to do your research.  No 2 plastic surgeons are alike, and there are very specific points you should look for before deciding who to choose.  Board certifications are essential in selecting a surgeon and you can look up any physician here.  Being sure a surgeon is qualified to perform a procedure is imperative to ensuring a safe and optimal outcome.

Secondly, seek out actual patients to find out their individual experiences.  The best experiences often come from matching positive referrals with exceptional credentials.  Surgeons who come highly recommended for specific procedures are likely to be a good fit for your recipient. 

Dr. Kevin Sadati is one of the top California facial plastic and ENT surgeons specializing in minimally invasive facial and nasal surgery. He is Board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Otolarynology Head and Neck Surgery (AOBOO-HNS), Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) and a member of the prestigious American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFRS).

Dr. Kevin Sadati has over a decade of experience in the field of nose, sinus and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and has become one of the most sought after Newport Beach and Orange County facelift, rhinoplasty, neck and face liposuction and sinus surgery specialists.

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Clients from around the globe travel to see Dr. Sadati for his surgical expertise. He and his surgical team provide the highest standard of patient care, from the initial consultation, to complete recovery and conclusion of your care. Our friendly staff is available to accommodate you in any way that we can.