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Dr. Kevin Sadati is one of the top California facial plastic and ENT surgeons specializing in minimally invasive facial and nasal surgery. He is Board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Otolarynology Head and Neck Surgery (AOBOO-HNS), Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) and a member of the prestigious American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFRS).

Dr. Kevin Sadati has over a decade of experience in the field of nose, sinus and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. As a painter and sculptor, Dr. Kevin Sadati’s artistic eye for aesthetic harmony is key to his creation of beautiful, natural-looking results in his cosmetic surgery patients. Through his experience, surgical finesse and artistic talent, Dr. Kevin Sadati has become one of the most sought after Newport Beach facelift, rhinoplasty and neck and face liposuction.

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Dr. Kevin Sadati's unique balance of surgical expertise, as well as his artistic background as a painter and sculptor, drives his ability and passion to bring balanced, natural-looking results to his patients.

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From 1997 to 2014 the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has compiled data from board plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists to compare what the national average is for each cosmetic procedure.

Over the past ten years Dr. Kevin Sadati himself has compiled his averages, which reflect him to be well above these national averages.

Surgical Procedures Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Otolaryngologist average number of procedures performed per year Dr. Kevin Sadati's average number of procedures performed per year
Face Lift 7.0 220
Neck lift 2.0 165
Rhinoplasty 8.1 52
Eyelid Surgery 9.2 102

Reclaim your youthful look

I never thought a face and neck lift without general anesthesia would be this simple! Now I look as young as I feel!”

Actual Patient, 60 years young



Trust your face in the hands of a facial specialist. With Dr. Kevin Sadati’s minimally invasive face and neck lift, there is no need for general anesthesia.

Over 2500 patients have had their lower face and neck lift performed by Orange County facelift specialist Dr. Kevin Sadati. Using his Double “C” Plication (muscle tightening) technique, his patients receive a refreshed, youthful appearance without a ‘pulled’ or ‘artificial look’ often associated with a facelift. Dr. Kevin Sadati’s patients refer to his revolutionary lower face and neck lift as the Natural Lift or Natural Facelift, because of its natural looking, non-operated results. The Natural Facelift is performed in office, under local anesthesia and twilight sedation. There is no need for general anesthesia in order for the patient to under go a comfortable cosmetic surgery experience.

The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery published Dr. Kevin Sadati’s unique muscle tightening technique in 2011. Since then, he has been invited to premier facial plastic surgery conventions such as the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and AOBOO-HNS in order to educate other plastic surgeons. Dr. Kevin Sadati continues to receive rave reviews from both his peers and his Newport Beach facelift patients for his renowned Natural Facelift.

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Emmy Award winning TV show The Doctors invited Dr. Kevin Sadati of Newport Beach to talk about a rhinoplasty surgery he performed on a twenty-seven year old woman who has dealt with an enormous, disfiguring tumor on her nose since she graduated from college.


Often referred to as the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Newport Beach, Dr. Kevin Sadati is known for improving his patients’ noses to better fit the overall harmony of their facial features, while providing incredibly natural looking results. Dr. Kevin Sadati has be voted Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County by OC Register and voted Top Doctor by Realself.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in California and all over the United States. Often performed to correct cosmetic concerns, Rhinoplasty can fix a nose with an unwanted hump, one that is too large, crooked or has an unpleasing appearance.

Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon and ENT specialist, Dr. Kevin Sadati continues to grow in popularity because his Rhinoplasty patients love their individualized, natural looking surgical results. He uses his artistic skill to craft the perfect nose for each and every one of his patients. Looking at the patient as a whole, Dr. Kevin Sadati ensures that their new nose fits naturally onto their face, taking into account personality, ethnicity and other facial features. His unique approach continues to provide patients with the nose they have been dreaming about their entire lives.

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